If you own a Weller soldering gun you know the frustration of having the tip burn out just when you need to use it. Fortunately, the tips can be replaced. Unfortunately, chances are that you forgot to buy new tips when you used your last new one. Fortunately, they can be purchased. Unfortunately, they are fairly expensive.

These tips are very nicely stamped copper but they are not necessary to get the job done. If you have some scraps of #12 or #14 copper house wire lying around then you can make replacement tips for nothing but the effort. Just cut a length of bare wire, form it into a hairpin loop, cut the ends to length, insert the ends into the retaining nuts, bend them, and install in the gun. Immediately upon pulling the trigger tin the loop with fresh solder and you are ready to go.

I have been using this trick for over 30 years and have had no damage to the gun nor my wallet.

Neil radio8z

How To Do It

Neil at RADIO8Z says keep those Weller Soldering Guns Humming. You don't have to run out and buy an expensive replacement tip. Just roll your own..











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