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Removing hot-glue from surfaces can be a problem. Neil, Radio 8Z has a solution which may work for you.


Hot glue comes in handy in electronics for tacking down wires in equipment such as where wires are soldered to a PC board or run along a chassis and it can be used to secure other parts. A problem arises when changes are desired and the glue has to be removed. Doing so by picking away at it with a fingernail is not effective and can be painful.

Fortunately, there is another way to remove the glue. Place a little bit of 99% isopropyl alcohol on the glue and around where it was applied and wait a few minutes. The alcohol does not dissolve the glue which would make a mess, rather it breaks the bond between the glue and other materials allowing the glue to be easily removed by pulling it away from the other materials.

I have not tried using regular isopropyl alcohol but it probably will work also.

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